Leopard – Folding Leather Wireless Charging Stand




These unique folding charging pads elegantly combine the natural beauty of leather with wireless technology. When you need a charge, simply place any wirelessly compatible device on the charging portion of the pad.

These pads are super versatile allowing you to configure them however you feel is best in the moment.  You can lay them flat or fold them into a chic phone stand that will hold your phone upright while simultaneously charging your phone wirelessly.

You can also use the stand on its own, making it more convenient for video calls, reading messages while you work or recipes while you cook and to even watch your favorite shows.

It’s a beautiful addition to your desk, counter or nightstand whether or not it’s in use, allowing them to double as a chic piece of decor.

These pads are also compact and lightweight making it easy to fold up and travel with.

• Wireless Output:  Fast Charge up to 10W (5W / 7.5W / 10W)
• Charges through most standard cases
• Compatible with recent models of Apple (iPhone 8 or later), Samsung and other wireless compatible phones and devices
• LED charging indicator