UV Sterilizers

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A gray storage box displaying various items including a watch, spoon, toothbrush, mobile phone, jewelry, glasses, makeup, and masks, with labels around it.

Fabric UV Sanitizing Box

Three modern handheld led light therapy devices in pink, black, and white, displayed on a pink background next to a white box.

Mini UV Sanitizing Wand

Collage of a smartphone in a car holder and a smartphone getting charged by a cup emitting blue light.

Mini UV Sterilizer – Powered by your phone

UV Sanitizing Folding XL Box

Smartphone charging on a white uv sanitizer box with a glowing indicator light.

UV Sanitizing Hub with Wireless Charger

Uv light sanitizer box open with keys and a credit card next to it on a white background.

UV Sanitizing Hub with Wireless Charger II