3-in-1 Truly Wireless Power Bank Adapter




3-in-1 charger that functions as a Fast Charge wireless charger, a wireless power bank and an outlet adapter with a USB and fast charge Type C output/input.

This will literally be the only item you need when at home or traveling!


-10,0000 mAh – 4X extra battery life

-Can wirelessly charge on-the-go
-Can charge 3 devices at the same time on the go
-Digital Display showing how much battery is remaining
-Built in Plug – so you can plug in anywhere without cables
-Fast Charge Can charge up to 15W wirelessly and 20W when plugged in
-USB output, Type-C input/output
-Fast Charge Cable included



Wireless Output:  Fast Charge 5W / 7.5W / 10W / 15W

Charges through most standard cases

Compatible with Apple, Samsung and other Wireless Compatible Devices